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Skyline Digital is a fully non-custodial platform that enables its customers to access TradFi Banking products.


Web3 Businesses, DAOs, and Founders with significant digital asset holdings face numerous challenges. They find themselves underserved by traditional banks and financial institutions, while custodial and centralised crypto exchanges pose substantial risks and unreliability. Addressing this issue, Skyline Digital emerges as a non-custodial solution to bridge the gap and provide Web3 entities direct access to traditional financial services.

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Based in Switzerland, Skyline Digital operates as a financial intermediary and falls under the category of a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), benefitting from a crypto-friendly and light-touch regulatory home base. This advantageous setting enables the platform to facilitate financial transactions and OTC trades, streamlining the execution of single or batched payments for business expenses, contractors, and service providers.

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