💰Crypto to fiat payments

What commission does Skyline take?

Skyline Digital applies a flat 1% fee on transactions conducted on its platform.

You will only pay this fee for the transactions you make, ensuring transparency, fairness, and accuracy in the fee structure.

Additionally, for each payment, Skyline Digital applies a 10 USD fee and has a minimum transaction fee of 100 USD.

It is important to note that Skyline Digital does not charge any onboarding fees, ongoing fees, or gas fees!

What currencies does Skyline support?

We currently support the following currencies via our platform:

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • USD

  • CHF

  • SGD

Other currencies are available via our OTC desk, and can be added to the platform given certain volumes.

What’s the minimum transaction amount?

There is no minimum transaction amount for using Skyline Digital, so you can process transactions for any amount you need. This gives you the flexibility to use the platform for all your payment processing needs, no matter the transaction size.

How long does a transaction take to be completed?

The time it takes for a transaction to be completed can vary depending on several factors, such as the chosen currency and the size of the transaction. It usually takes a few minutes to a few hours, but some may take longer, especially during periods of high congestion. If you have any concerns about the status of your transaction or if you experience any delays or issues, please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc.

How fast will my transaction arrive at the beneficiary account?

The delivery of funds to the beneficiary can depend on various factors, including the chosen currency and destination country. It's important to consider these factors when processing your transaction and to plan accordingly to ensure the timely delivery of funds.

Typically, it can take anywhere from 1-5 business days.

My transaction was partially processed. What should I do next?

Depending on your chosen currency and destination country, your transactions will take different times to be processed. If you feel a transaction is taking longer than usual please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc.

Are my transactions private?

Only the data stored on-chain is considered public, while other data related to transactions may be stored off for auditing and regulatory purposes. While off-chain data is not publicised, its access is tightly controlled and vital for ensuring compliance.

I accepted a payment but I don’t see any withdrawal from my wallet.

There may have been a delay in the payment processing depending on the currency chosen for the payment. If it is still listed as "pending," it may not have been fully processed yet. Please check your account again in a few hours to see if the funds have been withdrawn. If you still don't see the payment in your wallet after this, please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc.

How many payments can I make in one transaction?


Currently through our platform you can add up to 20 payments in one transaction. However, if you would like to make more, please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc.

Can I make bulk payments?

Bulk payments (more than 20 payments) are still not available through Skyline Digital’s platform, our API enables you to automate this process of making multiple payments simultaneously.

The API documentation and guidelines will assist you in understanding how to use the API effectively and securely. Please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc if you would like this access.

What chains/networks do you support?

Skyline Digital currently only supports the Ethereum network with Polygon and Gnosis and others coming soon!

A transaction is under review, what should I do?

If a transaction is under review, it means that our system is analysing the transaction to ensure it meets our safety standards. Please wait for the review to complete before taking any further action. While the transaction is under review, please avoid initiating any new copy transactions. This will help ensure that our system can focus on reviewing the transaction in question. If you have any concerns about the transaction or need it to be processed urgently, please contact our support team on our Telegram channel @skylineotc.

Have any other questions?

Reach out to us at @skylineotc or send us an email at start@skylinedigital.xyz for any info or if you have any questions.

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