What does the onboarding process look like for Organizations?

The onboarding process for Organizations has 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up to Skyline Digital by using this link-

  2. Follow the onboarding flow to complete your KYB, including a live video interview for the company’s authorized representative.

  3. Respond by email/telegram to additional information requests by Skyline’s compliance team, if any.

  4. Receive an approval email from Skyline and log into your account to execute your transaction.

What information will I be required to provide during the process?

You’ll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Identification:

    • Company: Official Certificate of Incorporation or Good Standing (no older than 1 year), Articles of Association, Register of Directors, and Register of Shareholders (share ledger).

    • Related parties: declaration about the management body and ultimate beneficial owners (persons or entities that own 25% of the voting rights or shares). Right after, each related person will be required to complete a brief individual KYC consisting of identity and address verification.

  • Proof of Address: utility bills, official correspondence, or bank statements (needs to show the company’s full name and address and be no older than 3 months).

  • Business Information: simple questionnaire regarding the reason for opening the account, the business, and source of wealth/funds.

  • Web3 wallet whitelisting: indication of the wallet you will use for Skyline’s services.

What should I expect from the mandatory Live Video Interview?

As a Swiss-regulated company, we are mandated to perform live video interviews with the person(s) representing the company. This is the last step of the onboarding process, and it is performed by independent operators.

Please take the following precautions to ensure a smooth video identification process:

  • Be alone in the room and do not talk to anyone else during the process.

  • Have your passport ready.

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