Please note that, at the moment, we only support one payment per invoice AND only single-page invoices as we further develop this feature.

What are Payables?

These act as your Accounts Payables within the Skyline Digital platform, allowing you to add all your invoices and bills for easy processing.

Why should I use Payables?

You can easily forward or upload invoices you need to pay to Skyline Digital, and we process them to gather any useful information and set up the beneficiaries, bank accounts, and payments for you. Then you just select what Payables you want to batch into one easy transaction.

Do Payables work for both fiat and crypto?

Yes, absolutely! You can import both crypto and fiat invoices, and our platform will help you set up all beneficiaries, bank accounts, or wallets for you, as well as the final payments.

How can I add a Payable?

You have 2 options: uploading directly on our platform or by forwarding bills to your custom Skyline Digital email address.

Direct Upload:

  1. Go to the Payables tab on the side navigation bar

  2. Search for the button called “Upload Document”

  3. Select an invoice to upload

Forwarding emails:

  1. Go to the Payables tab on the side navigation bar

  2. Search for your custom “Invoice email address”

  3. Forward any email with one or more attachments to that email address

  4. After 3-5 minutes, you should find your invoices under the “Requested” tab in your Payables table

I’ve uploaded an invoice, but it didn’t work. What can I do?

If you’ve tried multiple times to upload the invoice directly on the platform and it still doesn’t show up correctly, please contact our support.

I’ve sent an email, but nothing happened. What can I do?

If you have forwarded any invoices to your custom email address, please double-check the address and then contact support. You can also try to upload the invoice directly on our platform.

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